Goalie Scores Game Winner In Double OT

So the other night a goalie in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League scored the game winning goal in double overtime. Just how does a goalie score a game winner in double overtime you ask? Well, it starts and ends with moronic coaches.

Anthony Hurtubise of the S. Thomas Stars scored the goal against the Komoka Kings in double overtime after the Komoka coaches thought it would be a good idea to pull their goalie to make the 3v3 a 4v3.

This honestly has to be one of the dumbest coaching moves of all time. How could anyone who has watched more than two minutes of hockey in their life think that this is a good idea? I’m glad the goalie scored. The ultimate fuck you to the coaches.

If I was on this team I think I’d fight my coach after the game. There is no excuse for this. There has to be some crazy back story behind this because I just can’t comprehend why anyone would pull their goalie in a double overtime game.

Pretty sick for Hurtubise….not only did he get a shutout but he scored the game winner. Probably the first and last time we will ever hear that.