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Former Texas Police Officer Accused Of Asking A Woman If He Can Smell Her Feet In Exchange For Her Freedom, And Somehow That's Wrong?




(Source) A former Texas cop with a foot fetish is accused of asking a woman for sexual favors in exchange for not arresting her, court documents show. Former school district officer Patrick Quinn has been charged with two counts of official opression, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday. Officer Quinn of the Cy-Fair school district pulled over a woman on Aug. 11 and told her he smelled marijuana in her car, according to the DA’s office. Officer Quinn claims he found a marijuana ginder in her vehicle, but the woman told him it did not belong to her and that no one else had been in her car.

The cop then told the woman about his foot fetish, the DA’s office said. “The officer told (her) that he would let her go if she would let him smell her feet,” according to Harris County court documents obtained by the Daily News. “If she refused, he would have to take her to jail.” The woman began to take off her boots, and asked the officer if she needed to take off her socks as well. The officer said yes. Then Officer Quinn said he “would let her go without smelling her feet if she would let him have her underwear,” according to court records. But he said that if she still chose to have him smell her feet, “he was probably going to lick them too.” The woman offered to give Quinn her underwear, but he said never mind and let her go, the DA’s office said.




I’m so confused by this story. First of all, what’s with the woman ratting out the cop after the fact? A deal is a deal, you don’t get arrested and this guy gets to smell your feet and jerk off to the memory for the next month. You’re free aren’t you? So what the fuck is your problem? Not to mention you willingly offered up your panties at the end. Seems a little hypocritical to then go cry foul.


Second, and more importantly, am I the only one that assumes every cop does something like this? Isn’t that the whole point of becoming a cop. You get to carry a gun, you get to drive through red lights, you get to eat in your car where calories don’t count, and every now and then when you pull over a smoke you get to smell her feet. If I was a cop I would “look the other way” on everything. Free lunches, pay offs, free drugs. Does that make me morally corrupt? Yeah I guess technically it does but who’s going to arrest me? Another cop? Cops can’t arrest cops, that’s more illegal than sniffing some chick’s toes and asking for her undies.




If you were pulled over and facing a possible arrest would you let a guy cop smell your feet? I think I absolutely would. Is it weird? Yeah. But as the old saying goes, it’s not gay until someone cums.