Video Of A 40-Car Pile Up On A Missouri Highway Is TERRIFYING

That’s so goddamn scary man. One car after another after another after another just plowing into the existing pile of cars is a nightmare scenario. Anyone who has ever driven on a snowy highway knows shit can go from 0 to 100 REAL quick. It not a matter of people knowing how to drive in the snow or not. It just happens and it happens fast. One second you’re carefully driving down the road and the next second a crash appears outta nowhere and there’s no time to react.

The scariest part to me is watching the semi trucks. Cars crashing into each other is one thing but semis crashing into anything is another level of scary. The guy taking the video in the truck is right, too. There’s nothing you can do. What are you supposed to do? Run out there waving your arms and yelling at people to stop? That’s how you end up dead. Stay in the truck, Tanika. Stay in the truck.