FOLKS,,, Mickstape All-Star Day 1 Was A Real Gas (PS WE MET THE FAT MAN)

Alright so technically this is Day 2… Day 1 was arriving to our Charlotte hotel and meeting HoF human/11x NBA Champion Bill Russell within a matter of minutes. I can’t believe The Mick Man survived that interaction AND his rabid hiccups all in one night but here we are. But somehow today was even crazier than that and honestly tomorrow should beat even harder too. Shout out to Scott Rochelle and the entire NBRPA team for treating us like the royalty that we are not in every single situation. They are the BEST.

Follow Mickstape on Twitter and Instagram to see what All-Star hijinx The Mick Man & Trill Withers get into next… Unless you think #1 overall draft picks, future 3 pt champions, and triplet rap groups are nothing to shake a stick at. That’s your choice pal. (And it STINKS.)

See you tomorrow friends. And also big congrats to our CPF Ben Wallace on his NBA Hall of Fame nomination today. LONG overdue. And also many thanks to Charles Oakley for not beating the shit out of us today…

We’re ready to invade MSG on behalf of the Oak Man ANY damn day.

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