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Connor Barwin Decided To Nobilify The Eagles OLB Core With Hand Painted Portraits






For as much as I hate the Phillies, I love this team. Their camaraderie and chemistry is exactly what you want to see out of an unit about to head into battle. Is there a greater sign of respect than to have someone hand paint your portrait in 2014? There might not be. Think about it. Barwin could’ve paid an undergrad from Drexel in Cheese-Its to photoshop these works of art and they would look just the same. But nope, Connor chose to hand paint these old Lords Of The Land being literally faced by his drinking buddies. That portrait of Brandon Graham is going to look great in his next team’s locker room.

One thing’s for damn sure, I’m going to need this mug knighted before the life is out. Pass it down generation to generation until the history gets hazy enough that my ancestors actually believe I did something respectable in my lifetime. So King Edward The Longshanks, prepare to be Lego’d.