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Watching A Woman Get Kicked Off A Packed NJ Transit Train For Refusing To Take Her Louis Vuitton Bag Off An Empty Seat Is The Most Satisfying Thing You Will See Today

The NJ Transit has rightfully taken a lot of heat over the years on this blog for being an INCOMPETENT organization from top to bottom. The trains get shut down when twig lands on the tracks, the bus delays are a fucking nightmare, and the Port Authority may be the most depressing place in a city FULL of depressing places. I would go as far to say as the only good part about NJ Transit is that they brought Frank The Tank into our lives.

However, it looks like NJ Transit wants to get back on a winning streak with this video because watching that conductor go Cowboy Joe West and toss this womanspreader to the streets unleashed pure dopamine into my brain, with the line “If you want personal space, you’ll have it outside” opening the flood gates.

Commuting to New York is already soul crushing enough. But being forced to stand the entire time so your dogs are barking before you even get to work because someone wants a seat for their bag is triggering shit. If you want to take up two seats on a packed standing room only train during rush hour, you better a Fat like me or have a doctor’s note. I’m not saying its fair, but it’s the way it is. Kinda like how smokers get smoking breaks while the rest of us don’t. They got addicted to smoking at a young age like I got addicted to junk food at a young age and now we both get to reap the fringe benefits of these addictions before they lead us to an early grave.

Unfortunately for this woman, people with Louis Vuitton bags are not in the same protected class as me and the smokers because refusing the move your fancy bag for a gaggle of Jersey folks who just want to sit after years of the rat race tattered their souls could actually get you killed. If that bag was a Jansport, she may have been fine for the same reasons we fist pump when we see a Benz getting towed. But when you are flaunting your money AND acting like a giant bitch, you gots to go. To be honest, this woman got off easy by getting tossed after some light heckling because people in a packed train to/from NYC usually will rally against the asshole holding up their commute to the point you actually expect physical violence to break out (Example: This NJ Transit video from 4 months ago)

Ironically the one time these unwritten seating rules of the train do not apply are in the seat KFC was in yesterday.

Sitting next to someone that struck the jackpot and got one of those private folding seats is a crime against humanity. If you are blessed to get one of those VIP spots, you deserve the peace and quiet that comes with conquering your fellow commuters and sitting in a seat that isn’t as comfortable as the other seats. Someone once sat in that seat with me and I looked at her like she was an alien for the next 30 minutes as our bodies squeezed together from White Plains to Grand Central.

h/t upm