"This Whole Thing Has Been A Dumpster Fire" - Alvin Gentry

Poor Alvin Gentry. All he wants to do is get to the All Star break and finally be on vacation, and here he is not even able to enjoy a great home win over the Thunder all because of Anthony Davis. You may have heard, AD left tonight’s game with a “shoulder injury”

which will be interesting considering we’re about to see him play in the All Star game. Given the fact that his return has been a complete disaster, I don’t exactly find that “injury” all that surprising. You watch that interview, you see a broken man. Alvin Gentry is tired of the drama, tired of the chaos that Davis’ public trade demand has created for his team, all he wants to do is focus on the guys who are there and the ones who helped them win the game. He certainly didn’t ask for his franchise player to demand his way off the team, and credit to Gentry for not trying to put lipstick on a pig in regards to this whole situation. Of course things are a dumpster fire in New Orleans, just look at everything that’s happened over the last few weeks. Rich Paul has helped destroy that team from within and Gentry is left to pick up the pieces, that’s tough. Sure maybe they underachieved and never really built a contender around Gentry. But that’s not his fault, he doesn’t make the roster. He’s taken them from 30 to 34 to 48 wins last year. Clearly making chicken salad out of chicken shit and he’s apparently reached his boiling point.

This is a man that has had enough of the Anthony Davis questions and I feel like everyone in the media should just cut him some slack. We all know the deal, we know there’s nothing Gentry can do, so why not give the man some peace. I know they have to ask about Davis in this instance because he left the game, but moving forward I say give him a break and let him limp his way to the lottery. He got screwed by his best player and is trying to deal with it the best he can and if that means playing Randle and Holiday 39 minutes then so be it.