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More KFC Twitter Beef: Midas Whale Wars

Well you knew this was gonna happen, folks. You knew someone from the Definitive List of Stupid People on Twitter  was gonna track down your boy KFC. It just so happens that the gentleman who found me was from the “Midas Whale” camp. Also it turns out he’s the most militant black man in the world and he absolutely hates my guts now:

Sooooo. That escalated quickly. What started out as as funny blog about stupid people confusing common euphemisms ended with Holocaust pictures. I’m pretty sure this guy thinks that all white people are Jewish, hence his confusion. But he’s also the type of dude who says Midas Whale so there is undoubtedly all sorts of confusion going on. At any rate, its probably gonna result in a full blown unintentional race war that will make KFC vs. the Hondos look like some friendly banter. So, follow along with @KFCBarstool to enjoy the twitter fun.

PS – The original blog was inspired by my childhood buddy the Big Weez who always goes on retweet rampages when people say stupid shit on twitter. Apparently that was @FanSince09‘s shtick. Lotta people been shouting him out after they saw the blog, so kudos to him for bringing these gems to light.