The UK Government Says the Average Bra Size is Now DD

Source - The British obesity crisis has been blamed for rapidly expanding busts across the country.

Government figures show 36DDs are now the most commonly sold size, while in 2008 it was a 34B.

The change is rapid since the average 34B bra size in 2008, was the same in the Sixties. …

By the 1980s, and with breast enhancement surgery now in its infancy, the average woman had grown again and so had her bust size – up to 34D.

By the 1990s bust sizes increased again, especially as cosmetic surgery started to enter a boom period with surgically enhanced icons from the era such as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch setting trends.

Some have put it down to obesity. …

Shops are increasingly catering for larger busts with Selfridges has promising collections to go up to K cups before the end of the year.

Department store Selfridges revealed 53 per cent of bras sold have a CUP size of DD – K, this is across a backsize range from 28 – 38.

These figures would suggest rather than shifting weights, women are increasingly buying smaller back sizes, with bigger cups sizes. …

Speaking in 2007 after reviewing government figures Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell said it may be women are more healthy now.

She said work out regimes and diets may be increasing women’s muscle tone and changing the shape of their bodies, giving them larger breasts.

Lord knows I’m no doctor. And I’m not chief executive for a women’s clothier. And I only know a little about bras:

I only know that I speak for millions when I say I stand with the good people at Selfridge and Bluebellas when they say that this trend toward DDs and Ks is all about fitness, not obesity.

This might be wishful thinking on our parts. But I like to believe that this a healthy and body-positive development. We’ve got nothing against BBWs. We just want everyone to be the best possible physical condition. And if that means “smaller back sizes, with bigger cups sizes,” then so be it. Then everybody wins.

So as it stands, assuming these experts in the chosen field of bras are correct, this could be a pure good. The next stage in natural human evolution. With all due respect to Pamela Anderson, big, fake bags of goo stapled to the front of a lady was never preferable. In fact, most of the time, they are an affront to the grand design of the Creator who made us. In the words of the great Sir Mix-a-lot, silicone parts are made for toys. And if we can achieve the same results in an all-natural way that empowers women instead of making them spend millions to have DDs and Ks implanted, it will be the best advance in the human race since we came down out of the trees and started walking upright.

And to all the ladies leading this advancement, we say thank you, godspeed, and Happy Valentine’s Day.