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Tesla Has A New Feature That Cruelly Encourages People To Leave Their Dogs In The Car

The Verge- Tesla has just announced a pair of new modes that make great use of the abundance of sensors and technology inside the company’s cars to make a driver’s life a little easier. First and most endearing is the Dog Mode: this will keep your pup at a comfortable temperature while you’re out of the car, and it’ll use the jumbo display at the center to show a message for passersby that you’ll be returning soon. The other major addition is Sentry Mode, which you can enable to have the car essentially guard itself, using its exterior cameras to monitor movement nearby and identify potential threats. 

Well this is a disgusting development from the people at Tesla. They’ve started including a new thing in their cars called Dog Mode that encourages Tesla drivers to abandon their dogs in the car while they go shopping at a vegan grocery store or go drink the blood of babies or whatever people who buy Teslas do. Only a true sociopath like Elon Musk would think of an idea that actively encourages people to leave dogs alone in a car. This new feature is vile, even for a all-around vile person like Elon Musk.

Do you know how many Teslas are gonna have their windows smashed in by heroes trying to free abandoned dogs? Oh but there’s a display screen that not one single person is gonna take time to look for before they grab a rock and free the trapped dogs? Got it. Problem solved then! I will say that the thought of people throwing rocks through Tesla windows makes me very happy.

Not to mention it’s just plain mean to leave a dog alone in the car. I’m sure the dogs won’t love it when their owner crassly closes the car door and walks away. Dogs don’t realize what’s happening and will likely think their owner is never gonna return. I have a better idea. How about these heartless Tesla drivers plan ahead and take their dogs home first? What a novel idea that would be. Just don’t leave your dogs in the car. Ever. Take your pups home so they don’t have to be squeezed into a small space while you selfishly go run pointless errands.

The coverage surrounding the Dog Mode feature appears to be positive which is baffling. Elon Musk’s ability to brainwash the public into thinking his terrible ideas are great ideas is actually impressive. I’m not one to give Musk credit for anything but he could convince the brainless masses that a piece of shit is gold. Credit where credit is due.

The only good that could come from this is would be if it’s a sting operation and the people who use Tesla’s Dog Mode actually send an alert to the police that someone has cruelly left their dog alone in a car.