Tiger Woods Kisses Dogs On The Mouth And That's More Than Okay

So yesterday Tiger Woods met Jake Olson and his guide dog Quebec at the Genesis Open. For those that don’t know, Olson is the blind offensive lineman who played for USC. He’s been on PMT a couple times if I’m not mistaken. Anyway Tiger met up with Jake and Quebec. Tiger petted Quebec and gave Quebec a couple smooches and kept it moving. No big deal. Just the greatest golfer of all time showing love to the greatest animals of all time.

Well then I had a couple people tweet at me about Tiger kissing the dog on the mouth and wondering how I felt about it. I was almost confused by the question. I guess I didn’t realize some people were grossed out by kissing dogs on the mouth. Maybe people think it’s weird to kiss a dog on the mouth that isn’t yours? Either way, I wanna go on record and say I feel great about what Tiger did. I’ve never been more proud of Eldrick than I am right now. If you don’t kiss dogs on the mouth then you need to grow up. Seriously. Grow up and start kissing dogs on the mouth.

People will say, “That’s disgusting. Dogs lick their balls constantly and then you wanna give them a kiss? Gross” but whatever. Kissing dogs on the mouth should be very low on the Things That Should Gross You Out list. Walking around and breathing in polluted air should gross you out. Opening the doors to public bathrooms should gross you. Sitting on the puked-covered subway should gross you out. Showing and giving love to dogs shouldn’t gross you out. Grow up.