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Drake Copped A Custom $400,000 IPhone Case And It Is Worth Every Penny

Excessive? Or good investment?

I’m gonna go with good investment on the basis that there’s a strong chance he has well over $400,000 worth of new music on his cell phone that he could be protecting so the purchase of a phone case seems like a valid expense for Drake.

On the other hand spending $400,000 dollars on anything besides a house is absolutely outrageous but if I was that rich I would 100% flood out my phone case with 18k white-gold and over 80 carats. Why the hell not?! Plus the fact that you have/use your phone pretty much 24/7 in this day in age, so why not go all in to make your phone as dope as possible? Drizzy is a trend setter too so just wait til all the new rappers get ahold of this wave. No more bars about $100,000 on the neck and wrist we’re throwin’ 100 Gs on our cell phones! Real baller shit right there.

By the way if anyone was curious, this is what putting $400,000 into your cell phone case gets you.