True Love Is Giving Your Girl A Bouquet Of Olive Garden Breadsticks On Valentine's Day

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Fox 13 - Forget regular flowers. Olive Garden is dishing out breadstick bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

The Italian-themed chain will offer five bouquet wrapping papers, with various love-filled messages on its website. To take advantage of the deal, customers will have to download the wrapping paper, print it and bring it to a participating location.

An employee will then wrap their savory breadsticks in the bouquet paper to give to your loved one.

Several messages on the wrapping paper include, “We belong together like spaghetti and meatballs.”


Flowers are so 2000 and late. If you got your girl flowers this Valentine’s Day, you might as well put a sheet and blanket on the couch because that’s where you’ll be sleeping for the next 2 weeks. Buying your girl flowers for V-Day is doing the bare minimum.

Every basic betch in the world is going to be putting pictures on Instagram of flowers her boyfriend got her. Eventually it’ll be like wallpaper, you’ll just be scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through, and nothing will change.

But then, like a unicorn falling from the heavens, you’ll notice a bouquet of breadsticks out of nowhere and your heart will flutter.

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Even the biggest cynic and Valentine’s Day hater can’t resist feeling the love of the breadsticks bouquet. Brings a tear to my eye simply thinking about it.

The lucky ladies who get breadsticks today have the most loving boyfriends in the world. A man who cares for her every need. Imagine if he brings a side of alfredo sauce with the breadsticks bouquet, oh buddy, anything goes in the bedroom that night.

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Diamonds. Chocolate. Breadsticks. It’s all a girl wants on a day like today. Go get em, fellas. I can feel the love and smell the scent of salt and butter in the air.