Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts/Picdump

I know this seems like a throw-away holiday for most… Especially for those poor bastards who have been married for a long time and continue to see the magic fade out of their relationships.

However, no matter how trite or hackneyed Valentine’s Day may seem, women still like to get just a little something that reminds them they’re special… AND nothing is more pathetic than a lady who has to take the subway home after buying her own gift.


So here are just a few last minute suggestions for your special someone that you can probably get on your way home from work.

First off, if your wife loves Pringles, I think this is a perfect gift for getting into the far end of her can…


And if she is more of a sweet than a savory girl, then chocolates are always a good idea, and this little number may satisfy a craving…


The fact this tiny morsel says “Made In China” doesn’t help a certain stereotype, nor does the fact that if you would like a bigger size, those only come in dark chocolate.

Whatever you get her, make sure you take the time to have it wrapped, and I don’t like putting more money in Hallmark’s coffers, but a gift with a card always goes a long way.

Especially down South…


And staying with rednecks…


… Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday to propose to your girlfriend for those who live in the Southeast (Christmas is #1) according to a poll I just made up.

So if you are planning to pop the question tonight before you pack the F-150 for your annual pilgrimage to Daytona, maybe get creative with the proposal and leave the ring in a place she is sure to find it.


But just make sure the ring you chose fits her hand… Otherwise, she’ll look like a tagged (and stylish) rhino being released back into the wild.


Before I close, I would be remiss to not give a gift suggestion for both of my female readers, because husbands appreciate a little something today also.

Fortunately for you ladies, the list of gifts on our wishlist is very limited.  As a matter of fact, there’s really only one thing that springs to mind… AND IT’S FREE!


Enjoy the day… I have another piece about true love coming out in a little bit.

Take a report.