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Important Question: How Much Sweat Do You Think You'd Be Covered In If Joel Embiid Landed On You In The Crowd?

As somebody who sweats profusely, I’m often very cautious about touching other people after I just finished doing any sort of athletic activity. I could go on a light jog in 30 degree weather and less than a mile in, I’ll already be drenched in sweat. And there is nothing worse than making physical contact with another human being while you’re dripping in sweat. Now after watching Joel Embiid play basketball for the Philadelphia Sixers men’s professional basketball team for a few years here now, I’ve come to realize that Joel Embiid is also a big time sweater. He seems like a very moist man as soon as the game tips off.

So last night Joel Embiid went into the crowd to chase down a loose ball. In the Process, he hurdled over Regina King (most notably known from Miss Congeniality 2) and then ends up karate kicking a statistician right in the chest before landing on the poor son of a bitch. While the majority of people in the world probably watched that moment in awe of Embiid’s ability to hurdle over Regina King, I could only imagine the pool of sweat that man must have been sitting in once all the dust disappeared and he was pulled out from under JoJo.

Think about it. Even if Joel Embiid wasn’t necessarily that sweaty at the time of this incident, he’s still an absurdly large human being. Meaning that even a small amount of sweat on him is like taking a quick dip into a swimming pool for us normal-sized folk. You also need to keep in mind that those leggings soak up a ton of sweat as well. I mean that’s a super damp lower body on Joel Embiid at the very least, and it just landed with full force directly on top of that poor bastard. He’s not getting out of this incident dry, and that’s a fact. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Regina King at least got hit with a little undercarriage drippage as she was standing directly under the line of fire.

It’s all just something to think about.