It's Absolutely Insane That The Guy Who Had The Worst Offensive Season In MLB History, Chris Davis, Hasn't Reported To Spring Training Yet
If you had arguably the worst year of anyone who had ever done your job, you had a brand new boss come in, and you were given a chance to start over, would you come to work early to try and show your new boss and the other high level people that you actually want to get better and not be such a detriment to the company? You'd think that is what Chris Davis would do, but Orioles pitchers and catchers reported on Tuesday, and he still isn't there. Obviously just pitchers and catchers are the only people required to report, but Trey Mancini and Mark Trumbo were there on Tuesday, why wasn't Davis?
You all know about how bad Chris Davis was last year, the worst offensive season by anyone who has ever picked up a bat in baseball history, all he did this offseason was speak about how he wanted to get better and do whatever he could to start over. Wouldn't you think that he would report to Spring Training early to get as many reps as he can? Show off to his team, the fans, and new management that he's serious about turning it around? Here he told MASN's Roch Kubatko that he completely changed up his offseason workouts. That's great and all, but he said this before, and nothing changed. We're just taking his word for it. Jim Palmer called him out on the bullshit last season, and he was completely right. Davis mentioned that he was working with the hitting coach, but Scott Coolbaugh denounced that. Atta boy, Chris.
The Orioles have a new hitting coach, Don Long. Maybe Davis should be working with him down in Sarasota to get that much needed extra help? This is literally the story of me in high school getting bad grades and then me telling my dad I'd get help from my teachers after school, and then not doing it. Davis talks A LOT about the things he WANTS to change and the things that he NEEDS to change, when it's time to actually get the help, he's a ghost. I know that the Orioles will be in camp for the next 6 weeks, but Jesus Christ, Chris, you'd think you would be proactive to the best of your abilities and get the most help you can get. It doesn't seem like he's doing that. Roch also tweeted that he hadn't seen Davis down in Sarasota, and I take his word for it. Davis is a huge guy, he wouldn't be able to hide.
Maybe Davis is somewhere working out with his own coaches and trainers, that's fantastic. In my mind, and a lot of other Orioles fans minds, he needs to be in Sarasota with the new staff to work on anything and everything. This is an analytic heavy group, why not digest and take in as much information from your new hitting coach that you could get? Davis seems to say all the right things when the mic is in front of his face, but when the lights are on, cameras are going and you have guys like Mookie Betts, Fransisco Lindor, Yasiel Puig, Yoenis Cespedes and other guys reporting to Spring Training early, what is Davis' excuse? Betts was the god damn most valuable player last year for a team that won the World Series and he felt compelled to show up early. Davis was the worst hitter in history on a team that had the sixth worst record ever and it seems like he is fine with reporting on the day it says he should. Unreal.
It's mind bottling that he still isn't in camp with the Orioles.