A Chicago Area Dentist Will Once Again Provide Free Dental Service On Valentine's Day

successWBBM 780 - For the past 13 years, Dr. Theodore Siegel and his colleagues at Big Smile Dental, 2833 N. Milwaukee Ave., opens their doors on Valentine’s Day to those who need it most.

“We see people start lining up the night before,” said Ana Salinas, Big Smile Dental. “We see people out there with blankets, tents, chairs. They are getting ready to sleep out there so they can be the first when the doors open.”

Starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 14, the office will offer free dental services.

“Anywhere from cleanings, extractions, fillings to pain control. We will be allowing the people who don’t have the funds to do this and get that taken care of,” she said.

No advance appointments will be made. Patients will be given a time for treatment when they arrive and will be seen on first come first-served basis. 

Nice little gesture happening on Milwaukee Ave. by Dr Siegel and his crew today. This has apparently been happening for the past 13 years, and while I’m sure it started as a way to get some good publicity it’s actually a pretty cool move that he’s stuck with.

I really wonder what the scene is like outside of this thing. I’m sure there’s a strong mix of homeless people, and just random people who don’t have insurance so they’re getting something taken care of. I imagine they’re also sharing painful stories the whole night while they wait in line. “You think that your teeth hurt! I have been plugging this front one in with Charleston Chew to get it to stick for the past 3 months!” Or at least some variation of that.

Regardless, if you’re a stoolie out there who had a tooth chipped because you took a liner to the face during a 16 inch softball game then maybe give Big Smile a drive by today to get a cap put on that bad boy. Or if you’re somebody else who’s struggling, and is being bothered your teeth, hopefully this can possibly help ya out.