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Colby Burnett Completes His Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions Conquest Tonight

Tonight is the Tournament of Champions Finals and I’m not sure theres ever been a less meaningful finale. Because there is absolutely zero chance Colby Burnett doesn’t win. Its just a matter of determining his margin of victory. Nowadays its trendy to blog about Colby and his Jeopardy swag. Deadspin and Bro Bible and The Big Lead and everyone else jumped on the Colby bandwagon during the Tournament of Champs. But if you’re down with the Stool you’ve been down with Colby since day 1. We’ve talked to his students.  We watched him lose weight. Team Colby started here. And tonight when he takes his place alongside the other Jeopardy legends, I’ll be right there with him. Trying to answer more than 5 questions correctly, as per El Presidente’s Jeopardy Standard.