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ICE Is No Longer Trying To Deport 21 Savage AKA They Didn't Want The Smoke

Justice! 21 Savage’s Attorney Charles Kuck put his last name to the test and cucked the shit out of the ICE and they will no longer be looking to deport him. ICE had been using 21’s 2014 drug conviction as a means to deport him but the charge was expunged last year, meaning they could not use it as grounds for deportation and as a result have dropped the aggravated felony charge as well. They’re still looking into the overstay of his visa but

ICE DON’T WANT NO SMOKE BITCH! ICE was talking all tough and shit and where they at now?! 21 pulled up with the A1 lawyer and now they’re whole attitude changed. Crazy how that works. Lawyers are so gangster sometimes they can be the baddest dude in the room if they have the right circumstances. I would imagine the guy with a 12 car garage has the funds to hire one bad motherfucker in the courtroom.

I am so excited for 21’s next project, it is going to be BONKERS. Imagine already having the chip on your shoulder with people shooting at you and trying to murder you since you were a teenager and seeing so many close people to you die and still making it to the top and now international gangsters are trying to get your ass shipped out of the country?! We might see a Slaughter Gang Savage reawakening and I am here for it.