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Ajax Soccer Fans Light Fireworks Outside Real Madrid's Hotel In The Middle Of The Night Because Soccer Fans Are Incredible

According to Spanish publication ?AS, a clutch of Ajax ultras were involved in causing a huge commotion near where Madrid were staying overnight, with a number of fireworks and bangers being set off.

It was reported that the fans were not aware of the exact location of Madrid’s hotel, and so set about causing as much disruption as possible in the surrounding De Pijp district in Amsterdam between 2:30 and 4:00 in the morning.

The incident led to both the Dutch police and Los Blancos’ own security detail to pour on to the streets looking to calm the situation, with AS further claiming that around four people were arrested for their part in the disturbances.

We think we take sports seriously over here in the states. We think the 12th man in Seattle actually makes a difference. We think playing in a hostile stadium like Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park can affect the game. I mean it definitely plays a factor, but we’ve got nothing on soccer fans, folks.

Ajax hosts Real Madrid today in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. They’re currently sitting as +260 underdogs. The last time they beat Real Madrid in the Champions League was back in 1995. What I’m saying is they need all the help they can get today. That’s why their fans decided to light fireworks outside Real Madrid’s hotel in the middle of the night. Genius!

I love every part of this. THAT is how you affect a game. Oh you need your sleep before the big match? Well, it’s going to sound like we’re in the middle of war outside. Ajax will still probably get cock slapped today, but at least their fans went down swinging. Soccer fans are fucking outrageous, and we need more of the same in American sports.