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AREN'T THERE ANY GENTLEMEN ANYMORE? Woman Really Wants To Sit Down On The Train.

I don’t want to say this lady is COMPLETELY wrong.  I mean yes, the delivery was a little aggressive.  But the message?  Not a lot of gentlemen out there anymore.  That’s just a fact.  I blame the millennials.

The problem is she doesn’t qualify for the “get up.”  She looks relatively able-bodied.  Looks pretty spry.  Everybody knows you only do the get-up for:

A) Pregnant women

B) Little old ladies

C) Anybody with a cane, crutch, or any sort of assisted-standing device.

Other than that?  You’re fine standing you lazy dickhead.  I don’t buy the “let the ladies sit” custom, certainly not in 2019, but maybe I’m in the minority because I respect women so much and treat them as my equals.  The modern woman would probably slap you in the face if you suggested they needed to sit down just because of their gender.  Well every woman except this bitch.


Lot of people shaming this lady for her $1,000 Canada Goose jacket.  Fuck outta here.

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