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Wu Wu Wu Kenny Wu Is All Grown Up Now And It Has My Mind In A Blender

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The Anaheim Ducks season has been a complete disaster. But something they’ve been doing right this year having a ton of appearances from the real ducks, the Mighty Ducks. We’ve seen Goldberg, Julie the Cat, Russ Tyler and Tommy Duncan already make a few appearances. And now we have Averman, Karp, Connie Morreau and goddamn Wu Wu Wu Kenny Wu coming back into our lives here.

Now the last Mighty Ducks movie came out over 20 years ago. So obviously all of the actors in the movie are going to be full grown adults at this point. Guys like Averman here still look exactly the same as how they did when they were kids in D2 and D3. Julie The Cat still looks pretty similar, Connie Morreau is still a rocket, Keenan Thompson hasn’t changed a bit either. But we’ve also seen some pretty drastic changes in some of the actors with a prime example being Goldberg going from the lovable fat kid in the movie to a man in serious need of some help getting off of drugs.


However, I don’t think even Goldberg’s chance in appearance has taken me by as much surprise as Kenny Wu did right now. I mean I guess I just kind of figured that Kenny Wu would always look exactly how he did in D2.


This is the only Kenny Wu I’ve ever known in my life. And that’s how I thought I would go to my grave one day remember Kenny Wu as. That small little child who could write poetry with his skates. Some of the smoothest feet a sheet of ice have ever seen. For the past 25 years of my life, that right there was my Kenny Wu. But all of a sudden, the Ducks put out this picture and I couldn’t believe my eyes.


I don’t know what it is about him, but seeing Kenny Wu as an actual adult is really having a weird effect on me. Like way more so than any of the other Ducks. It’s just something I never though I’d see in my lifetime, yet here we are. Even though it’s a mind fuck, however, at least we know that some things will never change like the fact that Kenny Wu can still drop the mitts and chuck the knucks with the best of ‘em.

Stick. Gloves. Shirt.

The Mighty Ducks trilogy was so ahead of their time. Having an Asian figure skater learn how to fight while playing pick up street hockey against a bunch of kids in Compton. That shit right there is genius. They just don’t make movies like they used to anymore and it’s sad.

By the way–from the looks of the skates, it would appear that Kenny Wu still gets himself out on the ice pretty frequently.


Karp and Connie are both wearing rental skates. It looks like Averman’s skates are from 1999. Same goes for Steven Brill. But Kenny Wu? They look like a relatively new set of wheels. Would love to know if Justin Wong is playing in any beer leagues these days. Given the fact that he’s the only one rocking the clear tape here on his socks, I have to imagine he is. You don’t buy clear unless you’re still playing. What a beauty.