Throwback Thursday: Drinking Out Of Cups

I don’t know what the hell made me think of this old school classic, but it popped in my head the other day and I had to throw it on the blog for anybody that either loved it or missed out on it. I wanted to see if it still holds up and boy does it ever. A true Internet 1.0 legend that went superviral just for being super weird and super hilarious while also leading to countless urban legend about the guy narrating it. He was spewing nonsense while tripping on acid in a closet. He was a comedian doing a crazy bit. He was just a strange dude saying strange things like a lot of the internet was back then. I know the truth is out there because the internet always solves the mysteries we don’t want solved. But I refuse to read it because this video rules as much as lighthouses do and a real origin story that makes sense would ruin a Hall of Fame Internet video jusssst a smidge like the Kobe/Matt Barnes ball fake.

For anybody rewatching this video years after they forgot about how much they loved incredible characters like Mr. Balloon Hands, Mr. Walkway and Captain Knots, you are welcome. And for anybody watching this for the first time, sorry for breaking your brain. At least I had the courtesy to do it right before the end of the work day.