BYU's Mascot Continues To Be The Best Athlete In All Of Sports Right Now

I can’t stop watching Cosmo the Cougar moving and grooving all over the damn hardwood. I mean it’s more than that obviously. Cosmo gets down on the football field too and has been a viral sensation for years now.

It started with this:

I mean just out of nowhere shoving his dance moves right in my face. I feel like they have to be putting a celebrity in there. I don’t know anyone at BYU who can dance like that. There’s no way someone like Jimmer is in there dancing and hopping around. If there was hopping, I’d believe it’d be someone like Jimmer. But, this guy moves like Chris Brown.

Then we had the 1v1 battle vs the Mississippi State mascot, which went as poorly as Mississippi State’s attempt to win titles in any sport.

Don’t you think that’s all though. He made an appearance against during this last football season:

He’s becoming must-watch the way we look for Zion and Ja Morant highlights. I need him at the next basketball routine to just dunk. I don’t care if a trampoline is involved or they cheat somehow. If he dunks the place will burn down more than his dance moves are. I’m willing to say he’s the best athlete in sports right now.

Is this what Brandon Davies got suspended for? I need an investigation.