The Professor Teaching James Harden "The Teleport" Is Bad News For The Rest Of The NBA

The entire league already has a hard enough time staying in front of James Harden, and now that he’s starting to learn some moves from one of the best ball handlers of my generation, that is BAD news for the rest of the league. In this video we have The Professor of And1 Mixtape fame teaching Harden one of his patented moves called “The Teleport”. Maybe some stoolies reading this are a little young and aren’t too familiar with The Professor, and man is that a shame. If you’re around my age and you love basketball, you were 100000% a huge fan of the And1 Mixtapes. Back in the early 2000s that shit was the absolute jam. Back then The Professor was widely considered the Eminem of streetball and as a fellow small skinny white kid you bet your ass I spent hours and hours trying to replicate his handles. I dare you to find me anyone who didn’t. And1 mixtapes were so huge ESPN even had a show called “Streetball” that followed all these guys around. Believe me when I tell you it was HUGE. Guys like A.O, The Professor, Main Event, Hotsauce, 50, Werm, Skip To My Lou, they were a huge part of basketball culture and incredibly fun to watch.

None in my opinion more than The Professor though. To this day still one of the best handles I’ve ever seen

And honestly, it’s a little terrifying how quickly Harden picked up that move. You can take it to the bank that Harden is going to unleash this in a real life game at some point, and watching it about 1,000 times I’m not sure how a defender is going to be able to stop it. Guys are already so focused on staying in front of Harden, and he does such a good job of lulling you to sleep waiting for the right moment to strike, this is going to make someone look foolish and I cannot wait for it.

As someone who loves watching ridiculous handles, I could get behind The Professor working with guys like Curry, Kyrie, Kemba etc in an effort to bring some And1 basketball back into our lives again. Once upon a time Raefer Alston did that a little bit when he made it to the league but it’s time we teach some of the best ball handlers on the planet the moves that made us freak out as kids.

Now that James Harden has this move in his arsenal, I honestly don’t know what you do against him other than pray.