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If You Don't Think The Gold Razor Ramon Wrestling Tank Is The Choice, You're An Idiot

Listen, no disrespect to the Hitman. I love the Ultimate Warriors face paint. Hogan’s stache is iconic. And Macho Man’s glasses are legendary.

But if you’re not rocking the Razor Ramon tank to the beach this summer, you have no respect for yourself or others around you. The gold Razor tank top could potentially be the greatest piece of Barstool merchandise in the history of the site. The greasy mullet with the spit curl on the forehead. The faded 5 o’clock shadow beard. And the patented toothpick. Only thing thats missing is the chest hair. I wouldn’t mind if we remade it with chest hair down the front of the shirt.

Bottom line is if your summer plans don’t include walking off the beach wearing this tank top and 10 gold chains and telling people Say Hello To The Bad Guy as you throw a toothpick in their face, you might as well just skip summer all together. Razor is the choice. 

Now cue the motherfucking vignette, chico!

PS – I love how racist wrestling used to be.