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KFC Radio Episode 29 Part 2 - If You Could Party With One Sports Team Throughout All Of History, Which Team Would It Be?

Episode 29 part 2 where we say goodbye to Bryan Beer II and say hello once again to the demented, deranged thoughts of Stoolies. Feitelberg talks about his parents having sex. Big Cat talks about fucking an orange. Like an actual orange. The fruit. And we talk about swapping babies if your wife pops out a lemon.

But the most thought provoking question this week was, if you could party with one team throughout sports history, who would it be? To me, theres a clear runaway winner, but theres a lot of solid choices out there. Obviously I’m talking about the ’86 Mets. I feel like the teams from The Bad Guys Won probably shifted the worldwide prices of cocaine. I feel like they influenced the supply and demand curve with the amount of blow they did. Probably collectively fucked like 2,000 chicks a season. I can’t even imagine what went on after they won the World Series. Not like having to play ball ever stopped them, but can you imagine what those guys were like after they were done for the season? Its a miracle none of them died.

So as a die hard Mets fan thats easily my choice. Big Cat agreed, also mentioned the Raiders during their glory days. The caller said the Dream Team in Monte Carlo. Feits went with early 90s Cowboys. Maybe 2011 Bruins? Miracle on Ice?  Part of me thinks going out on the town with the Murderer’s Row Yankees wouldn’t be too shabby. Maybe the 1997-2000 Houston Comets when they won 4 WNBA titles in a row???? Just watch them dyke out with each other celebrating a 4-peat. Lot of choices out there, folks.

PS – This Sunday the KFC Radio gang is going to be doing a special weekend show for the Oscars. Gonna do a Barstool Red Carpet and just trash on all the ugly people and slobber over the smokes. If you follow Barstool on twitter you know how much we devour the people at these award shows so now you can just tune in and watch us as we do it. I’m like the Ryan Seacrest of the smut world except I’m not a midget and I’m not gay. Barstool Red Carpet – Sunday 5:30-7pm