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Best Of The Best GTA Week 7 - Voting Now Open

Champion : Leanna Bartlett

Challenger – Brazilian Model – Suelen Carvalho

Can a Brazilian ass competitor dethrone 2-time ass champion Leanna Bartlett? Everyone knows Brazil is the Ass Capital of the World. So the question is can the 2nd best ass in Brazil top the greatest white girl booty we’ve seen on Barstool in a long, long time? This is basically like Rocky IV but instead of a Russian vs. American in boxing, this is a Brazilian vs. American in a contest where we decide which butt we’d like to have sex with.

I expect to hear a “If I can change…and you can change, everybody can change!” speech from whoever wins.

Time to vote:

Vote 1 for the Champ Leanna Bartlett, vote 10 for the challenger Suelen Carvalho

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