I'm Obsessed With Watching Quavo Play Sports

I live for this. Quavo puts up a video of himself playing basketball or throwing a baseball or football every couple months and I will sit and watch it  4-5 times in a row every single time. There’s something so fascinating about rappers just living their everyday lives. For anyone who disagrees there’s literally an Instagram account with over 1 million followers with pictures of Kanye just doing random shit called “Kanyedoingthings”. So without further ado, here’s a series of videos of Quavo playing sports.

Here’s a video of Quavo throwing a baseball. My favorite part of this is that he’s wearing a flooded out diamond watch and two diamond bracelets on his throwing arm and still painted the black. Can’t confirm this but sources close to Quavo’s camp said the pitch was clocked somewhere in the mid 130s. He’s even wearing a first basemans mitt because he’s ready to cover the bag on a slow rolling grounder to first base at any moment. Next level thinking and preparation.

Here’s a video of Quavo and Drake shooting half court shots for $10,000 dollars in US currency. What a rush.

Here’s a video of Quavo training the former double champ, Connor McGregor. If Connor had just spent more time with Quavo and listened to his strategy there’s no doubt in my mind he beats Khabib in a 2nd round TKO and he’d still have the belt.

Here’s a video of Quavo throwing a shovel pass to 21 Savage who is then tackled by Ezekiel Elliott. All the receivers were covered downfield and Huncho hits em with the ole shovel pass to make the most of the play. Talk about high football IQ.

This is a picture of Quavo riding a camel. Riding a camel isn’t really a sport but I’ve always wanted to ride a camel so I thought this was a neat picture.

This is Quavo’s official high school football highlight tape. He was the number 2 ranked dual threat QB in the state of Georgia and number 227th ranked player in the ESPN 300.

He narrowed down his laundry list of scholarship offers to Georgia, Yale, and Princeton but ultimately settled on a different career path.