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Knicks Add Kenyon Martin, Hope To Defeat Kobe, Shaq And Phil Jackson In The 2002 NBA Finals. JR Smith Wants To Know Who's Trying To Get The Pipe

TORONTO Sometimes you can’t tell if the Knicks are throwing a reunion party for the Denver Nuggets or just collecting aging power forwards like antiques. Kenyon Martin is a rare find because he falls into both categories: a once-great power forward in the twilight of his career who can now say he has played with Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Marcus Camby in both Denver and New York. The free-falling Knicks took yet another gamble on an injury-prone player on Thursday by signing Martin, the No. 1 pick in the 2000 NBA draft and former Net, to a 10-day contract. The move came after the Knicks traded the forgotten Ronnie Brewer to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a second-round pick and a trade exception. The Knicks had been keeping close tabs on Martin for weeks and felt the need to make a move with both Rasheed Wallace and Camby sidelined with foot injuries. “He’s a versatile player,” Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald said of Martin. “I think it gives us a little more depth and insurance.” Martin will not be available on Friday when the Knicks, who have lost four of the last five games, face the Toronto Raptors. In all likelihood, Martin will make his Knicks debut on Sunday at the Garden against Philadelphia.

This is it, guys. We’re finally gonna be able to beat Phil Jackson’s Lakers. The missing piece to the puzzle that makes this Back to the Future roster a title contender. If we could only sign Richard Jefferson, Kerry Kittles and Lucious fucking Harris we’ll be all set.

Christ. I hate to bash them for this move because its not really like they were poised to make any move that I did think was a game changer and failed. JJ Redick wasn’t gonna fix things and the other big pieces available like Josh Smith weren’t the right fit and weren’t attainable. But stockpiling George Karl’s Denver Nuggets scraps and reuniting old New Jersey Nets ain’t gonna get the job done. This is a team that counted on aging veterans and a couple young bucks to fill around around Carmelo Anthony. Right now, those vets are nowhere to be found, JR Smith/Felton/Shumpert aren’t getting it done, and the response is now to bring in a semi-retired Kenyon Martin. Again I don’t wanna exagerrate this too much – this was a move the Knicks have been eyeing and very well may have made it even if they weren’t in a little bit of panic mode. I don’t think management views this as the grand signing to fix this 30 game slump. But it comes at a time when Knicks fans are losing faith and Kenyon Martin ain’t the guy who’s gonna restore it.

PS – At least JR Smith is enjoying himself these days:

If you don’t think “You trying to get the pipe?” is my new Tinder opener you are outside of your mind. By the way the best part of JR’s game is the “Oh really” line. Just a meaningless filler to keep stringing her before setting up your “Trying To Get The Pipe” finisher.