Leo & Martin Scorcese Are Turning Devil In The White City Into A TV Show

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.10.43 AMCHICAGO“Devil in the White City,” the bestselling book chronicling the grisly H. H. Holmes “Murder Castle” killing amid the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, is being made into a TV series. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese have long planned to adapt the book but had originally touted the project as a film. The two now plan to create a TV series for Hulu.

“Devil in the White City” covers the 1893 world’s fair, focusing on architect Daniel H. Burnham and Holmes, a prolific serial killer. While the fair stunned millions of visitors from around the world, Holmes crafted his infamous Murder Castle on the South Side and lured unsuspecting women to their deaths.

giphy (2)Lets. Fucking. Go

Idk if it’s the Devin Hester wakeup or whatever but I am absolutely JACKED. UP. right now. I can’t help it. Blood pressure is a 127 over 83. I just made that up but it sounds dangerous. I might even go buy some American Spirit cigs because nothing calms me down like excessively long burning tobacco.

If you think I’m overreacting you can kiss my ass. Devil In The White City is practically required reading in Chicago. Even if you’ve never read it, you at least own it and have been planning on reading it for years, or maybe you got 10 pages in and didn’t care to keep up with the architecture narrative or whatever. Point is everyone knows this book and almost everyone knows the story.

It’s an amazing story for several reasons. First and most appealing to you sick fucks is the vivid detail we get about HH Holmes slaughtering countless young women in his BDSM friendly mansion designed for the sole and exclusive purpose of slaughtering countless young women.

Next thing we love is the behind the scenes look at the strategic planning and ingenuity behind Chicago’s  global status. The architects responsible for this are memorialized legends across the city from now until forever. In this vain it would be ideal for Leo to play Daniel Burnham, the hustle heavy architect who steered the Worlds Fair from start to finish. The guy basically played The Sims in real life back in the 1890’s. He wrote the book on this shit literally.

Finally it’s great because Leo and Scorsese do nothing but come up with absolute fucking bangers. Wolf of wall street, the departed, Gangs of New York, even shutter Island has its moments. The fact these guys are reuniting over one of Chicago’s greatest stories ever is absolutely electric, and I’m here for whatever they come up with. This is a cant miss 10/10.