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Kyle Busch Created A Real Life Mario Kart Course For His Kid And It May Force All Other Dads Into Retirement

The ultimate Dad play. In fact, I feel bad for all the other fathers in the land. How can your average 9-5 working Pops compete with other Dads like Kyle Busch building an entire fantasy land in their backyards? They can’t. We’re getting a little NASCAR heavy in the offices with the crew going down to Daytona and, honestly, I don’t hate it. I can see why die-hards allegedly don’t like Kyle Busch. He wins. Period. Nothing against him, but I can see why people don’t dig the Busch. Even with this video and MK course. It’s awesome, but it’s somewhat cheesy and leaves a lot to the imagination. If anything he didn’t go all out enough. Sure, it’s good enough for the backyard and a little video for the kids, but you’re Kyle Busch. You’ve got that unlimited Mars Bar fortune to tap. Why not go all out and build one of those real-life Double Decker biddy’s in the backyard for the masses like they did in Niagra Falls?

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.16.26 AM

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.16.32 AM

Now THAT’S a fantasy brought to life. Start your engines, bitches! We’ve got ourselves a multi-layered real life Mario Kart course coming to a tourist town not near you! A Double-Decker map, minus the battle portion and bullshit green shells bouncing off the walls and sniping your Donkey Kong dick off, if you will. OK. Those pictures leave a lot to the imagination. But nothing gets the blood boiling like a Go-Kart race with the boys. It’s pure competition to the max. Or you can take the ol’ lady out for a little weekend stroll, allow her to end herself on the track, then continue your Saturday for the boys and/or men. This video never gets old.