Is Taking 55 Steps Without Taking A Dribble Considered Traveling? The Refs Didn't Think So But You Decide

Listen I’m not one of these guys who shits on the NBA for stupid reasons but I am of the opinion that the refs have to call traveling there. They just have to. The guy took no less than 25 steps between dribbles. He just gave up dribbling completely at one point. He had to be thinking, “Oh shit the refs are for sure gonna call traveling now so I might as well get my money’s worth” and they just didn’t. Unless of course there’s a rule that says if you travel twice then they cancel each other out. If that’s somewhere in the NBA rule book then that wasn’t traveling. Otherwise, my eyes are telling me that was traveling twice over. It makes you wonder how long he could’ve kept running around before one of the refs thought about blowing their whistle. The limit did not appear to exist in this particular instance.