Wake Up With Cecil Fielder Hitting A Ball Out Of Tigers Stadium And Onto 8 Mile Road

Could you imagine the feeling of being able to hit a baseball out of a baseball stadium? Cecil Fielder, Prince's papa, had that. I love watching fat guys hit baseballs, and that is why I loved Prince Fielder so much. He had his dad could absolutely mash. You've heard about the tales of Prince hitting home runs in Tiger Stadium when he was like 12, you can see where he got it from.
Tiger Stadium wasn't the biggest ballpark out there, but it's not easy to hit a ball over any roof, of any building. That is exactly what Fielder did, he absolutely pissed on this pitch and sent it OVER the roof. Literally clear over the roof. The announcer goes right into the home run call and even makes the announcement that the ball went over the roof. Unfuckingbelievable. Those people in the upper deck were just looking up and waiting for it to come down, but that ball was too busy bouncing down the street.
Just a mammoth blast from a mammoth person. I'd love to know how many times he had done this in batting practice too, probably a bunch.
PS. Craziest part about Cecil and Prince Fielder is the fact that they retired with the exact same number of home runs. Crazy.
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