NFL Moves DK Metcalf To Top Of Their "To Be Randomly Drug Tested" List


Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 2.53.18 PM

That’s the type of physique that would make David Boston and LaRon Landry would be proud of:



For those of you who do not know about DK Metcalf, he is a WIDE RECEIVER from Ole Miss. Maybe he’s just outangling the guy next to him, but sheeeeesh! Look at that man! NFL is going to be drug testing him allllllll week during the combine.

During his three years at Ole Miss, he put up 1228 yards receiving and 12 TDs. His 2018 got cut short due to an injury. Most mock drafts/draft boards have DK in the 1st round/top 32. I’ve seen him as high as 9th.

Here is the full photo:

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