MLB Writer Bob Nightengale And His Natural Ability To Be Wrong About Every Report Is Exhilarating And I Can't Get Enough Of Him

Some of you may not be familiar with the work of USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. He’s an MLB columnist for USA Today and has over 200,000 followers on Twitter. He frequently tweets breaking news and many people listen because 200k followers and being a “respected” MLB writer would lead you to believe he knows what he’s talking about. The best thing about Bob is that he’s wrong about everything. It’s honestly remarkable. I have nothing against Bob at all and I’m sure he’s a good dude, but I genuinely am fascinated by how wrong is he all the time. It’s exhilarating.

Take today for example. Kyler Murray decided he’s going to play football, and leave behind the Oakland A’s and the sport of baseball. He made his announcement at 12:46 PM. Exactly four minutes later, Bob published and tweeted out an article saying the A’s were cautiously optimistic Kyler was going to report to spring training this week.

Remember this was four minutes AFTER Kyler made his official decision to play football over baseball. The timing was remarkable and I laughed out loud at his follow up tweet.

Listen, I get it. People get shit wrong, it happens. But Bob is just always wrong. If you’re not familiar with his work, here are a few gems.

Bob and Buster Olney were the two reporters who were bashed by Machado’s agent recently for reporting the White Sox had a seven year $175 million deal on the table.

“I have known Bob Nightengale and Buster Olney for many years and have always had good professional relationships with both. But their recent reporting, like many other rumors in the past several months, have been inaccurate and reckless when it comes to Manny Machado. I don’t know if their sources are blatantly violating the Collective Bargaining Agreement by intentionally misleading them to try and affect negotiations through the public or are just flat out lying to them for other reasons. But the truth is that their reports on the details of the White Sox level of interest in Manny are completely wrong.”

He also went on the Dan Patrick show and said Harper was going to get $400 million from the Phillies. FOUR HUNDRED MILLION. He said maybe more! Bryce is going to be lucky to get 300 at this point. That’s Bob for ya.

I’m addicted to Bob Nightengale reports. I cannot get enough of them. His mentions are always a goddamn dumpster fire and it’s great. His tweets are awesome unless of course they say the Yankees are signing someone big, which means they’re not. Then I’m irate.

Fucking Bob. Kings stay Kings.