Nick Diaz Spoils Return Talk, Saying "I Don't Want To Hurt Nobody. I Just Want To Party."

Aw damn.

After Anderson Silva’s loss in the main event of this weekend’s UFC 234 pay-per-view, he revealed that he’d recently been in contact with former rival Nick Diaz, and that both parties were down for a rematch of their beloved UFC 183 fight.

“The Spider” was targeting a quick turnaround for himself to place this bout at UFC 237 in his home country of Brazil, and after he floated the idea out there, the mixed martial arts landscape was set ablaze for a couple of reasons.

One, because Nick Diaz hasn’t fought in over four years, despite multiple return teases, even going as far as having a match against Jorge Masvidal officially booked for this March, only to tell the UFC to go fuck themselves the second things started getting serious.

Annnnnnnnd two, because as soon as Conor McGregor caught wind of this plan, he threw his name on the table to headline the card against Nick’s younger brother, Nate, to complete the trilogy that EVERYBODY would love to see.

Today though, Nick Diaz shut down any talk of this supercard becoming a reality, when he shared an Instagram story showing him and a buddy out buying alcohol early this morning, and then drinking said alcohol a bit later on, saying, “Fuck all this. I don’t want to hurt nobody. I just want to party.”


Understandable, and hell, that’s one hell of a mood, but still, as a fight fan…bummer.

I don’t want to point fingers here or make any hefty accusations I can’t back up, but I will say, somewhere down the line Nick went from being a triathlete on a raw-food diet who’d never lay a finger on alcohol – to a guy who’s seemingly drunk/drinking at every time of the day, every day, and he’s gotten into some serious trouble because of it recently. Even stemming back a few years, we saw Diaz accumulate multiple DUI charges in very, very, very short spans of time, and if he does happen to have an alcohol problem, I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs. Nick is an absolute legend of this sport and it sucks to see him fall down the path he’s been headed.

Best wishes to him.