Singer Lana Del Rey Releases 'F*cked My Way Up To The Top', Admits She Literally Fucked Everyone In The Music Industry


YAHOO – Lana Del Rey gets real about sleeping with ‘a lot of guys’ in the music business. Lana Del Rey clearly had no filter in a new interview with Complex magazine for their August/September issue, in which the controversial singer admits to sleeping with “a lot of guys” in the music industry. When talking about her new song “F*cked My Way Up To The Top,” Lana, 29, pretty much admits the song title is literal — only she didn’t even get any of the perceived benefits. “It’s commentary, like, ‘I know what you think of me,’ and I’m alluding to that,” she says. “You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying.”

Bob Dylan wrote about corruption and life in the 60’s. Bill Joel was inspired by his Long Island days. And Lana Del Rey sings about how she fucked her way to a record deal. Gotta write from the heart. Wait…she put out but didn’t get anything back in return? Talk about getting Casting Couch’d – A LOT. Fool me once, honey. But I was under the impression the music industry was king of the “You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” mentality. How else can you explain the likes of Nickelback and Ke$ha vocally queefing their way up the charts? Can’t even imagine how many dicks Bieber’s mom end up dominating in vain before it became a moot point.

Sidenote: How does one become an authority figure in the music industry? I’m asking for a friend myself. Because it might be the biggest power trip a man can have outside of Bill Clinton’s average afternoon. If we need to pick the drumsticks back up or see if that old bag of a piano teacher is still breathing (not a chance in hell – which she’s probably in), just let me know. Not too sure we can get by on these harmonica skills alone. Bite me, fat (now still skinny?) Blues Traveler dude: