Uncle Rico Could Throw A Steak Hard As Fuck

I fucking love talking about the glory days.  We’re all guilty of it too.  Myself and all of you reading this are nothing but a bunch of washed up bums who love to throw back a few great tasting, less filling Miller Lites here and there and talk about that time you had 3 rushing touchdowns and won conference player of the week your senior year or the time you lit up your cross town rival’s HS with a 3-4 slash line with a dinger and couple doubles.  It’s the best, and it’s an art that Uncle Rico has mastered.

So I’m going to use this forum for two reasons:

Monday Morning reminder that this Wednesday the White Sox are hosting a speed pitch competition in which they will send the winner to an all inclusive vacation to Glendale AZ to check out some  White Sox spring training.

Once again, this is the perfect shot for all the Uncle Rico’s out there that claim they can throw hard to prove it in person.  Rumor has it Nick Hostetler will be in attendance scouting all the best arms and the top reading will walk away with a minor league deal and an invite to big league spring training.

I just really hope that everyone is at least north of 70 MPH.  If not then… then I don’t want to say anything else.  Just throw as hard as any normal, somewhat athletic male can throw a baseball.

I will be there with the rest of the Barstool Chicago crew and I also invited other people from Barstool but they didn’t respond.  I would publicly ask why they didn’t respond but I’d get called a cunt and bitched at even though just about every other person at Barstool has made fun of them for their lack of fastball velocity as well.

So anyways there are only 100 entries to the contest, all of which are filled, but nonetheless here are the rules

See everyone there and like I said, beers at Corks after the contest