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Darrelle Revis And Richard Sherman Fighting Over Twitter

Ugh. The fact that I even have to blog this is sickening. Its like 2 chicks bickering at each other. There’s a bunch more back and forth from both Revis and Sherman so follow along yourself if you care. Richard Sherman is the probably the biggest cocksucker in the entire NFL. So the fact that Revis let himself get sucked into this little high school girls spat is kinda disappointing. Its like getting trolled by a commenter on Barstool. Its like Sherman Funtime’d him. I’m sure Darrelle is eager to get back out there and perform and when he sees a dickhead like Sherman taking shots at him, he wants to respond. But as the best defensive back in all of football thats the time be flattered by a young hothead asshole talking shit and stay above it all. Don’t take the bait. Some punk kid thinks 8 picks and 3 forced fumbles one year makes him the best the best there is. Celebrating his personal stats and a season that was capped off by him getting torched in the playoffs and embarrassed by Roddy White. There’s a reason why Richard Sherman is preoccupied with you tweeting out stat comparisons letting everyone know he wants to be you. You’re the gold standard. The best there is. Act like it.

PS – Imagine what Revis would do on a capable defense? Put him in Seattle and I don’t think QBs would ever even entertain the idea of throwing the ball, let alone light him up for 50 yard TDs.