This Chick On Instagram Is Textbook 'The Hotter They Are, The Crazier They Come'

INSTAGRAM – I love you, my precious boyfriend. These 100 days dating have been the highlight of my life. Even the days I drive you up the wall & the days you turn me insane, they’re the most special & most funnest, hilarious times I’ve ever had. It’s awesome having a soul mate! Constant back tickles, foot rubs, someone to play with my hair, make brekky/lunch&dinner & practice my beauty therapy on! Someone to compliment me every day & tell me they love me. & I’ve not used the heater once this freezing cold winter!!!! AND I HATE THE COLD. You’re the best hot water bottle! Sharing everything is so perfect, (just not food or the blanket). I love how we are the exact same & we think the same, it’s like having a twin, a bestfriend & a hot boyfriend all in 1! You’re family & there isn’t anything I’d change about you! (Except maybe stop leaving your charger plugged in & BEANIES LEFT EVERYWHERE!) Can’t wait to grow old with you & enjoy every second of my life with my awesome best friend. I love you munchkin, ever forget it!

100 days in and she will already Scorpion his soul if he attempts to flee. Amazing. And we’re not talking about a Tweenie girl straight out of those Babysitter’s Club books you may have accidentally read growing up. This broad is older than that.

I’m not saying Sunshine is all there, either. Dude looks like the type of guy who loves the taste of stamp glue a little too much. Regardless, he needs to take next gnarly swell out of the country or just go under and not come up. Either way, he’s going to be in a better off scenario than what’s going to happen in the next 100 days. This is still the honeymoon phase. If this is how obsessed she is loving him then expect an equal and opposite reaction of hatred down the line. It’s the Third Law Of Love, and it never fails. Sure, leaving things around the house may be cute and funny now, but give it another month. She finds a beanie on the ground while she’s menstruating and all of a sudden he’s getting sideswiped with plugged-in toasters in the shower. Get out while you have the chance.

The hotter they are, the crazier they come. And this one’s got a batshit booty.






h/t Brian