This Is EXACTLY How A Fight Between Floyd Mayweather Sr. And I Would Go...

Original Post Date: February 9, 2019 – 7:28pm

There’s a reason I didn’t swing back when the old man threw shots at me in Vegas.

I didn’t wanna fuckin’ kill the guy.

Floyd Sr’s just too old, too slow, his head’s too small, hands too brittle – and if my right landed…who knows?

What do you think’s gonna happen to homeboy who dropped him here? Surely not great things. Floyd Jr. probably has a hit out on his head already, and honestly, wouldn’t be too in the wrong if that were the case, because I don’t care what Senior says…if he wants you to spar him, you let him win (probably not a difficult feat), and over everything else, you DO NOT let him take any more damage to that mushy ass brain o’ his. Enough has been done, surely. Gust of winds could give the man CTE at this point.

Best wishes to my old foe in recovery.