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These Reaction Videos Tell You Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 Chicago Blackhawks

This was from the Thursday night Jonathan Toews OT winner. A MONSTER two points at home against a team in the thick of the playoff chase against the Hawks. Bench explodes. Then on Sunday Patrick Kane sealed the game against the Wings.

Last year this team was dead. It had no soul. They just mailed it in and went through the motions. This year, this team, they’re in it. They’re invested. They fucking care. They want back in the playoffs and you can tell that every guy is pulling towards that. They’re cooking and it’s beautiful to see. Colliton deserves credit for that. The team could’ve folded for good in December if they wanted to, but Kane and Toews put the team on their back. Got a little healthier, fixed some of the issues on defense by shit canning Manning and Rutta. Drake Caggiula trade has been nice. Strome has been a revelation. This group can smell the playoffs and so can I. #JoinOrDie