BREAKING NEWS: The White Sox Are Hosting A "Speed Pitch Challenge" Next Week And ANYONE Can Enter

FINALLY!!!!  Look, everyone knows the speed pitch is my calling.

When I say I have a cannon of an arm, I back it up.  I don’t talk about how I used to have a good arm, about how I punched out 14 hitters against West Chicago HS when I was a sophomore (I did though, true story) or how I Purdue University got my pop time at 1.93 at the Stevenson Showcase when I was a Jr (they did though, true story) …. I back it up.

The proof is in the pudding.  And now I’m gonna win an all inclusive trip to the Valley of the Sun for some Spring Training baseball.  Now I do have to tack on an extra 2MPH on my fastball to win said trip, but that’s fine.  I’m gonna go work out with the UIC baseball team Monday and Tuesday.  That’s all I really need to get back into prime shape.

So the contest will probably be me vs. Carl.  It’s an open invite though.  Literally ANYONE who lives in their glory days can go.  It’s not limited to anyone.  You can be from Chicago, New York, or even be a Boston native living in New York.

Just think of the content possibilities.  Perfect opportunity for people to back up all of their unverified claims of greatness.

See everyone on 2/13.  Beers at Cork’s after the event.