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Remember That Idiot Kid Who Kept Eating All The Furniture In His House? The Internet Gave Him $50,000 To Buy A New Chew-Proof Room

Daily MailA boy with a rare condition meaning he can’t resist eating wall plaster has been given a unique birthday present – an inedible bedroom. Zach Tahir is celebrating his sixth birthday today, and his new bedroom has been unveiled after he gnawed through the walls of the last one. The youngster suffers from the rare condition Pica, which causes him to crave inedible objects, including stones, paper and moss.  Zach’s new bedroom has been uniquely designed with squash-court walls that due to their tough shiny surface, means he won’t be able to gnaw at them.  And, the room has been kitted out with fool-proof furniture that he’s unable to sink his teeth into, with slanted window sills to stop him climbing.  Ms Horn said: ‘His wardrobes and chest of drawers have been made with rounded edges and installed so he can’t pull them over. Zach’s family has been raising the funds required to build the approximately $55,000 bedroom though a campaign to help provide a safe environment for him to live in. They have documented his life through pictures on Facebook and Twitter, where many people, including local celebrities, have expressed support for Zach by posing with a red “I’m following ZACH RU?” sign.

Remember this little fucker? He kept eating through the walls and the carpets and the furniture in his house because he has Pica disorder? Well looks like the internet gave him 50 grand so he could build a romper room he can’t eat through. Thats the way the world works these days. If something sucks in your life everyone on the internet will just give you their money to make it better. You’re a nasty old bus lady who got made fun of? Here’s $750,000. You’re a 6 year old who eats the carpet and the curtains and chews right through your bed? Here’s 50 large go buy yourself an inedible room.

The best part is they act like this kid is an unstoppable force of consumption. Like he’s Pac Man or some shit. Look at him try to eat that rug. Almost broke his two front teeth trying to take a bite. Its not like he’s devouring entire wooden desks like a goddam beaver. Not like they need to put a muzzle on him and wheel him around on a dolly like he’s Hannibal Lecter. Harness him to the ceiling with a leash of some sort. He’s a 5 year old who chews on shit. Give him some Bubbleicious to keep is mouth busy and save your $50,000.