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Elevator Footage Of Bow Wow And His Girlfriend Before Their Fight Has Leaked

I would file that under the NOT GOOD category in terms of elevator footage leaking of an argument between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Bow Wow didn’t slug his girlfriend in the face like Ray Rice but there was some overly aggressive grabbing and some uncomfortable yelling moments. There’s no audio but I can guarantee Bow Wow wasn’t yelling, “I love you so damn much! I love you! This relationship is going great!” at her. The dude in the Gucci jacket was visibly uncomfortable the whole time. He was super aware that all elevators have cameras and knew he would look like a big time asshole if one of them did something horrible and he just let it happen. Yikes all around.

That all then eventually led to this

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 10.00.31 AM

So yeah, safe to say things didn’t cool down after they left the elevator.