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Pelicans Fans Booed The Hell Out Of Anthony Davis ... And Then He Got Benched

So last night was the first game back for Anthony Davis since he missed time with an injury and the whole trade deadline thing happened. Needless to say the 23 diehard Pelicans fans let their voice be heard. They were not happy. They booed the shit out of him.

Why? Well, I guess they think he ruined the franchise because he wants out. I guess it has nothing to do with the fact that the organization hasn’t been able to build anything around him. But, sure, fans will boo whenever a player wants to leave.

So Anthony Davis went out and absolutely dominated. He had 32 points through 3 quarters. He was making quite literally everything and then Alvin Gentry benched him for the entire 4th quarter.

You might think it was a blowout. Nope. 2 point game after 3 quarters. Seems like a great time to bench your favorite player.

I think it’s lame to boo Anthony Davis. As I mentioned I think it falls on the organization for not being able to build anything around him. He’s played his ass off for the team and said he wanted a trade. He could just leave in free agency and get nothing back for the Pelicans. He’s also showing up and playing. It’s not like he refused to check in or anything.