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I Was Humbled And Honored To Be Honored By the Celtics With The Rest of the New England Patriots Last Night

So as I’m sure many people saw the Celtics honored the 6 time Superbowl Champion New England Patriots last night. Well after showing all the players in attendance they finished the highlight reel with yours truly. The crowd gave me a huge pop. (wrestling term for huge pop) It was humbling, awe inspiring and truly humbling. I never dreamed a humble newspaper maker like myself would ascend to this type of stardom. I truly can’t comprehend it. Now I’m sure lots of bloggers would probably take a step back and think about their place in history after an event like this, but not me. In fact the only reason I blogged this is because I want to let all my fans know this will not go to my head. I will not be expecting a superbowl ring. I will not let this inflate my ego. All I was doing was doing my job. If that makes me a hero than so be it.