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Louie Anderson Headlines Newest Reality Show "Splash" Is Just Celebrities Jumping Into Pools

Skip all the “dont call people fat” talk and get to the part where Louie plunges into the water like a walrus

Lookin good Louie! Thought you were dead bro!

Nailed that dive, Lou.

Daily Mail- It was no laughing matter as comedian Louie Anderson got in some rehearsal time for upcoming reality show Splash. The 59-year-old rotund comic had a look of concern on his face as he tentatively peered down from his diving board – before taking a leap of faith. Louie, who will compete alongside fellow celebrities in the all-star diving contest – only managed a jump, rather than a full dive. He kept covered up in a large black T-shirt and blue shorts – and undoubtedly made a rather large splash when he reached the water. Anderson will star opposite a list of familiar faces in the forthcoming series

First thing’s first I would have bet my life Louie Anderson was dead. With zero hesitation too. Wouldn’t have even given it 1/10th of a second of thought. I thought for sure he was part of the Family Feud Death Curse. But, turns out I’m wrong. He’s just morbidly obese and making a living by diving into pools much like that of a Shamu whale at the aquarium.

So I guess this is it. This is where television is going next. From singing contests to dancing contests and now we’re just gonna have them jump into pools. And we’re gonna watch. And I for one am ok with that. I still watch all the scripted TV shows that I think are worthwhile and I have no problem taking a break from that to watching people like Louie Anderson make a mockery of human life and entertainment by belly flopping into pools once a week. That little motherfucker Chuy from Chelsea Handler is in it too:

Can’t wait to watch that fat little fucker cannonball into the water and the proceed to try to fuck Katherine Webb