What Could Dana White POSSIBLY Be Reacting To In This Video???

This is, ladies and gentlemen, quite simply, the funniest video/reaction I have ever seen on the world wide web.

I have no idea where it came from, if it’s new, if it’s old, if it should be tagged ‘NSFW’ because it’s clearly showing an orgasm caught on camera – I don’t know anything about it – and I think I want it to stay that way. Whatever it actually is would never live up to the mysterious expectations I’ve built up it in my brain, leading the big goof to go full Popeye…

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 1.00.00 PM

Did the interviewer just bring up the prospect of throwing Brock Lesnar vs Darren Rovell on pay-per-view? Did she just inform him that Oscar De La Hoya was diagnosed with a terminal illness? Dana just find out Jon Jones passed a drug test? What could it possibly be? Please chime in with your guesses below, or over on Twitter, because I’m curious as to what y’all think.

God damn, you just have to love this guy.